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2011-05-14 The product name is changed to YG-4000 from YG-3000,with output up TOMOnoKAZE.
2011-05-10 The patent evaluation of "Built-in Flywheel system"and "Automatic Angle Adjustable blade" was completed.
2011-05-10 Update Information of Features of YG-Series
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TWE: The Future of Wind Power Generators

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Our next-generation compact wind power generator "TOMO Wind Energy”(TWE) utilizes unique technological features which enable it to overcome one of the most critical problems with traditional wind power generators: the inconsistency in the generator’s ability to supply stable amounts of electricity in variable wind speeds. Our product minimizes the effect of wind volumes on the generator’s ability to produce electricity, giving it a tremendous advantage over traditional wind power generators. However, our product’s capacity to compete goes beyond the market for wind power.

Our product has advantages that allow it to compete aggressively with solar cell power generators, currently the leading competitor in the market for renewable energy sources. For one, TWE wind power offers a stable power supply without influence from changes in solar radiation due to weather, time of day, or season. Additionally, our product has advantages over solar power in terms of cost-efficiency.

Comparison tests between the TWE YG-4000(4kw rated output) and a conventional solar power generator (8kw rated output) have shown that the output efficiency for our product is 2.7 times higher than the solar power generator. Furthermore, the cost per output of energy for the YG-4000 has been rated to be 33% lower than that of the solar power generator. These data demonstrate the immense potential that our wind power technology holds as a new, more efficient source of alternative energy.

Over the past few years, the TWE YG-series has been gaining global attention as a source of energy vital to future urban development based on the principle of sustainability and reduced carbon footprint. By offering an alternative source of energy that would reduce carbon dioxide excess, our technology would help realize this vision of an ecologically sound society.

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Next-gen Compact Wind PowerGenerator "TomonoKaze"
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To whom it may concern,
Next Generation Compact Wind Power Generator “WIND OF TOMO”
(manufactured by “Birumen Kagoshima Co., Ltd.”)
Re.: Characteristics & International Patents

1. Characteristics of “WIND OF TOMO”

1.1 Weakness of Wind Power Generators
The weakness of wind power generators is that the generated electrical power voltage changes intensely depending on wind strength and wind existence / nonexistence.
1.2 Stabilization of Voltage
The first characteristics of the compact wind power generator “WIND OF TOMO” is stored energy by the “flywheel”.
Specifically, not only wind power is changed to rotation of the power generator by the windmill (blades), but also it is changed and stored as rotating energy of the flywheel, so that the flywheel continues to freewheel so as to generate power for a certain time even when the wind stops, and thus it prevents sudden drop of the generated voltage and realizes its unification.
1.3 Countermeasure of Weak Wind / Strong Wind
Another weakness of the wind power generation is that it’s hard to start up the windmill by weak wind, and that the windmill rotates excessively by strong wind so as to easily break down (extremeness).
1.4 Starting up with weak wind / Suppressing Excessive Rotation
The second characteristics of the compact wind power generator “WIND OF TOMO” is that the blade degree of the windmill changes automatically depending on the wind strength.
Specifically, when the wind is weak, the blades are kept more parallel to the wind direction by the springs, so that the windmill starts to rotate even with the weak wind (that is “Low Gear” with high torque and low speed rotation). 
When the wind speed increases, by the “centrifugal force of the weight” connected to the blades of the rotating windmill, the blades change the angles more right to the wind direction against the springs, so as to enable high speed rotation (that is “High Gear” with low torque and high speed rotation).
In a case of further stronger wind, the wind pressure pushes back the blades from more right to more parallel to the wind direction, and so-called “engine brake of the low gear” acts, so as to prevent breakdown due to excessive rotation of the blades.
1.5 Relations to Prior Art
The new techniques of the compact wind power generator “WIND OF TOMO” such as unification of the generated electrical power voltage by the flywheel and starting up with the week wind / high speed change / excessive rotation prevention by the variable angle blades cannot be found in the prior patent application documents / patent documents or the like, and thus it is unique and innovative.
This will allow to solve the weaknesses of the wind power generation which have been pointed out, and to be introduced in urban areas because of its miniaturization, so as to change common knowledge of the wind power generation.

2. Regarding International Patents

2.1 International Patent Application (PCT)
Regarding the compact wind power generator “WIND OF TOMO”, filing the Japanese patent application as well as the international patent application (PCT) has been already completed.
PCT application No.: PCT/JP2010/69962
PCT Filing Date: 2010/11/09
PCT Designated States: 142 states (including America, Europe and Asia such as China)
2.2 Obtainability of the International Patent
The compact wind power generator “WIND OF TOMO” is an unique and innovative wind power generator, and it would obtain patents not only in Japan but also in America, Europe, Asia etc. from now, so as to gain exclusive rights which drag the bush up on the world market, and also to be recognized as a distinct global technique on the world market.

3. Marketability and Possibility

Wind power generation is, needless to say, environmental friendly, as it uses natural energy without eliminating CO2.
Also, wind power generation has superiority that power can be generated at all hours without influence of sun light as long as wind exists, and thus its demand would increase more and more as the typical natural energy use.
The next-generation compact wind power generator “WIND OF TOMO” has innovative new techniques that are unification of the generated power voltage by the flywheel and full correspondence to the wind speed by the variable angle blades, and realizes miniaturization which allows to be installed in an urban area despite its high output power.
This “WIND OF TOMO” will be highly regarded not only in Japan but also in the world market and widely used soon, and contribute to improvement of the global environment significantly.

Masatsune Sugawara
Patent Attorney
on behalf of Birumen Kagoshima Co., Ltd.