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2011-04-04 We released a specification sheet for YG-3000(Rated Output 3000wh). ≫more
2011-04-04 We have a full-scale development of YG-8000(Rated Output 8000wh). We will make it appear in August 2011. ≫contact us about YG-8000 here

We accept the inspection of YG-3000(Compact Wind Power Generator)s' filed test in response to many request. If you are interested, please contact us here.

2011-04-02 We have an inspection of Compact Wind Power Generator "TWE YG-3000" by GEI Holdings Inc. and Macs Strategy Inc.≫more
2011-04-01 We have an information that judged to be patentable from Japan Patent Office. And we request for examination of both PCT application and Basic applications in Japan.
2011-03-23 The driving test "TWE YG-3000" video was released.
2011-03-22 We have published a detailed measurement data of "TWE YG-3000".
2011-02-10 We will exhibit "N-EXPO 2011 TOKYO NEW Environmental Exhibition" will be held at Tokyo Big sight from 2011-05-24 to 2011-05-27.
2011-02-09 We are looking for marketing partners of "TWE". »more
2010-11-08 We will participate in"Small & Medium Enterprise Fair 2010 in Tokyo"at Tokyo Big sight.
2010-11-07 We have simulated the comparison of "TWE" and solar power. >>More
2010-11-06 We have published experimental data of YG-1500 on 2010-10-26. >>More