Next-gen Compact Wind PowerGenerator
TWE [TOMO Wind Energy] YG-4000

Specification sheet of TWE YG-4000

Rotor diameter 4160mm
Number of blades 3
Rated Output 4000wh(at wind speed 12m/s)
System Voltage 48V
Weight 380kg
Material Body : Aluminum/ Stainless Steel Blade : FRP
Blade/Rotor controller automatic variable pitch angle controller / Built-in flywheel
Power generator Coreless Permanent Magnet System
Cut-in Wind speed 1.5m/s
Cut-out Wind speed 20m/s
Survival wind speed 60m/s
Gale countermeasures automatic variable pitch angle controller / automatic emergency shutdown system
Product configuration body/blades/controller
Required installation space 9m2
Power Controler Inverter(AC/DC), accumulator
Output electric mode three-phase alternating current/ output to DC through the output controller
Output Frequency 50/60Hz
(You can change the output frequency as you request by changing the default settings for the controller.)
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