Next-gen Compact Wind PowerGenerator "TWE"
More measurement data of YG-4000

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TWE YG-4000 Comprehensive measurements

*More measurement data of YG-4000
*Specification sheet of YG-4000

"TWE [TOMO Wind Energy] YG-4000" a wind generator that's rated output 4kwh (4000wh).
Our products "TWE" has an automatic pitch adjustment, auxiliary power capability using the built-in flywheel kinetic energy, blades of creating a unique design concept.
Some of these features, it can be a practical power in light winds(about 2m/s). And when the wind is strong(about over 20m/s), the blade angle is adjusted automatically to optimize(torque-sensitive configuration),so that is designed to prevent overcurrent and overvoltage. In addition, when the strongest winds(like typhoons), it is automatically shutdown. It prevents damage to the blade.

For the conventional small wind turbine, the blade can not rotate as you wish, so power is not enough, When the wind is weak. And, during strong winds, it takes the brakes to avoid overcurrent and overvoltage, The output is likely to be jagged line.(Specific rotation is to increase the output graph, but decrease the energy output that exceeds.This is caused by braking exceeds a specific rpm.When the brake is released, the output rises. Result of this repetition cause a jagged lines.)

In contrast, "TWE" is possible to maintain a stable output.

TWE YG-4000 Test Working Movie is here

So, this product can be generated unlike solar power generator, even when snow or rain, even at night. All through the day, all through the year, You will receive the power from "TWE".

As a result,"TWE YG-4000"(It rated output 4kw.) is equivalent to the performance of the solar power generator rated 8kw.

For the solar power generator you have some very difficult to maintain and sustain, it is caused by deterioration of cells and dirt of glasses. And You must also take wider footprint for the solar power generator.
But "TWE YG-4000" does not require a little maintenance. And it avoids the narrow space(3m square(≈11SYD)).

Wind speed [m/s]

TWE YG-4000 Wind speed data

Electrical voltage [A]

TWE YG-4000 Electrical voltage data

Electrical current [V]

TWE YG-4000 Electrical current data

Noise [dB]

TWE YG-4000 Noise data

High-quiet operation in the strong wind

Our blades of creating a unique design concept bring you the quietness.This noise is between 55dB and 70dB*1 , when the wind speed is between 6m/s to 12m/s. So, We are almost imperceptible that's noise in the din of daily life.
**Noise level table**
120dB Near the jet engine
110dB Car horn(forward 2m)
100dB Noise as it passes through a subway station
90dB Solo by loud, and noisy in the factory
80dB in subway car, piano
70dB side of the road, in a typical office
60dB in a quiet car, the company usually, operation noise of air conditioning equipment
50dB in a quiet office
40dB Midnight in the city, library, a quiet residential on day time
30dB Midnight in suburban, whisper
20dB Fureau sound of leaves, the sound of a clock second hand (forward 1m)
*1 : The wind turbine "TWE YG-4000"s' body is located at 6m height. And the noise measurement equipment is located at 1.5m in height and 5m horizontally away from the post.

TWE YG-4000 Test Working Movie is here