We have an inspection of Compact Wind Power Generator "TOMOnoKAZE YG-3000" by CEO of GEI Holdings Inc.(Tokyo,Japan) Mr.Seiichi Araki and CEO of Macs Strategy Inc.(SanFrancisco,U.S.A.) Mr.Makoto Harada.
Their principal purpose of the inspection is checking field data of "TOMOnoKAZE YG-3000", and they were very satisfied the power generation capacity and stability of YG-3000. Especially, they ware intarested in the high performance at low wind, and they gave us high approval rating.
Our partners are expecting much more of us than we think.

President Obama Announces Steps to Support Sustainable Energy Options,
Departments of Agriculture and Energy, Environmental Protection Agency to Lead Efforts, And we'll do our best to meet the partners' expectations and demand in the U.S.